Researcher calls for one-person trials for personalized medicine

Researcher calls for one-person trials for personalized medicine

Publication date: Jun 05, 2020

This is still highly relevant today, since most drugs on the market are “one size fits all,” meaning patients with the same condition often receive the same dose, even though studies show that this is only optimal for a fraction of them.

By identifying the right drug, in the right dose, at the right time for each patient, precision medicine has the potential to make the healthcare system more efficient and to treat patients more effectively.

Essentially, precision medicine combines a patient’s genetic data with clinical, environmental and lifestyle information to guide decisions for the optimal prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions.

I assume that the future of pharmacogenomics and precision medicine will be built on a critical mass of interested and committed stakeholders-including patients and clinicians informed enough to ask for it.

The patients here partner closely with physicians and other stakeholders, and are involved in treatment decisions on their own health issues.

A cohort as initial spark Since genetic differences in pharmacogenes account for a quarter to half of an individual’s response to medicine, such under-representation could mean that drugs may work less effectively in women than in men.

This will empower the individuals to be more involved in their treatment decisions, and to benefit from the advantages of precision medicine and pharmacogenomics, from better treatment options and fewer side effects.

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