Sleep in seasonal affective disorder.

Sleep in seasonal affective disorder.

Publication date: Aug 01, 2020

Sleep in seasonal affective disorder (SAD) has been primarily characterized by delayed sleep timing and self-reports of hypersomnolence. It is unclear whether delayed sleep timing is due to circadian or behavioral misalignment and if effective treatments operate independently of the circadian system. Discrepancies between self-report and actigraphic/polysomnographic sleep duration in SAD hinder clarification of hypersomnolence as a cardinal symptom. Previous studies have largely neglected the summer remission period in SAD, which could yield valuable insight to the role sleep disturbances play in the onset and recurrence of winter depressive episodes. Future studies should incorporate multi-method, multi-season assessment of sleep and circadian rhythms to best characterize relevant sleep-circadian phenotypes. Empirically determining sleep phenotypes present in SAD will pave the way for targeted sleep interventions.

Concepts Keywords
Circadian Physiology
Circadian Rhythms Neuroscience
Hypersomnolence Circadian rhythm
Phenotypes Sleep disorders
Polysomnographic Branches of biology
Remission Hypersomnia
Seasonal Affective Disorder Somnolence
Sleep Seasonal affective disorder
Sleep Disturbances


Type Source Name
disease MESH Sleep
disease MESH seasonal affective disorder
disease MESH hypersomnolence
disease MESH recurrence

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