Fear of cancer recurrence among young adult cancer survivors-exploring long-term contributing factors in a large, population-based cohort.

Publication date: Sep 28, 2020

Fear of cancer recurrence (FCR) may be debilitating, yet knowledge of FCR among the growing population of long-term young adult cancer survivors (YACS) is scarce. We explored risk of FCR and associated factors in a nation-wide, population-based cohort of YACS.

All 5-year survivors diagnosed at the ages of 19-39 years with breast cancer (BC), malignant melanoma (MM), colorectal cancer (CRC), leukemia (LEU), or non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) between 1985 and 2009 in Norway were identified by the Cancer Registry of Norway and completed the cross-sectional comprehensive NOR-CAYACS health survey. Univariate and multivariate linear regression modeling was performed.

In total, 936 survivors were included, with an average of 16 years since diagnoses. BC was the most prevalent cancer form (38.4%), followed by MM (24.7%), NHL (15.6%), CRC (11.8%), and LEU (9.6%). Survivors worried most about getting another cancer (74%), and (20%) reported quite a bit or a lot of FCR. BC and MM survivors had the highest FCR scores. Post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) had the strongest association with FCR (Std B 0.21, p

Concepts Keywords
Breast Articles
Cross Psychiatry
Leukemia Adverse childhood experiences
Lymphoma Clinical psychology
Malignant Melanoma Anxiety disorders
Multivariate Linear Regression Mental health
NHL Post-traumatic stress disorder
Norway Psychological trauma


Type Source Name
disease MESH cancer
disease MESH recurrence
disease MESH breast cancer
pathway KEGG Breast cancer
disease MESH malignant melanoma
disease MESH colorectal cancer
pathway KEGG Colorectal cancer
disease MESH leukemia
drug DRUGBANK L-Leucine
disease MESH non-Hodgkin lymphoma
disease MESH diagnoses

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