Can data help speed our recovery from Covid? Microsoft and the WHO hope so

Can data help speed our recovery from Covid? Microsoft and the WHO hope so

Publication date: Oct 29, 2020

The World Health Data Hub, for example, will use artificial intelligence to create a global information center for disease surveillance and knowledge sharing that could help further the SDGs by providing a targeted picture of disease patterns and sharing insight into where particular health issues most need attention. -The problem with Covid-19 is that it has redirected so many resources in the world that there are other issues being neglected,” says Spelhaug. -Like tropical diseases that kill millions of people each year, and the world has taken their eye off it, because we need to focus on Covid-19, but we’re very interested to make sure that, in the communities that suffer from neglected tropical diseases, which are the poorest communities in the world, we are advancing the analytics and the understanding of the patterns that are emerging in these communities, so we’re focusing on that on the data platform. ” In low- and middle-income countries, millions of children continue to die from preventable illnesses each year, and metrics such as stunting – impaired growth and development stemming from poor nutrition, repeated infection and inadequate social stimulation – will be included on the World Health Data Hub when it is rolled out in 2021. -The World Health Data Hub truly has the ambition and the support to be a game changer,” says Dr. Asma.

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