Gastrointestinal Issues and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Publication date: Mar 01, 2021

Gastrointestinal disorders are one of the most common medical conditions that are comorbid with autism spectrum disorders. These comorbidities can cause greater severity in autism spectrum disorder symptoms, other associated clinical manifestations, and lower quality of life if left untreated. Clinicians need to understand how these gastrointestinal issues present and apply effective therapies. Effective treatment of gastrointestinal problems in autism spectrum disorder may result in marked improvements in autism spectrum disorder behavioral outcomes. This article discusses the gastrointestinal disorders commonly associated with autism spectrum disorders, how they present, and studied risk factors.

Concepts Keywords
Autism Autism spectrum disorders
Clinicians Gastrointestinal disorders
Comorbidities Branches of biology
Disorder Psychiatric diagnosis
Gastrointestinal Autism
Psychiatr Anatomy
Therapies Psychiatry
Learning disabilities
Neurological disorders
Pervasive developmental disorders
Autism spectrum
Spectrum disorder
Gastrointestinal tract


Type Source Name
disease MESH Autism Spectrum Disorder
disease MESH Gastrointestinal disorders
disease MESH risk factors
disease MESH Gastroesophageal reflux

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