Sentinel lymph node biopsy in melanoma: beyond histologic factors.

Publication date: Jun 08, 2021

Sentinel lymph node (SLN) biopsy should be performed with the technical expertise required to correctly identify the sentinel node, in the context of understanding both the likelihood of positivity in a given patient and the prognostic significance of a positive or negative result. National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines recommend SLN biopsy for all cutaneous melanoma patients with primary tumor thickness greater than 1 mm and in select patients with thickness between 0. 8 and 1 mm, yet admit a lack of consistent clarity in its utility for prognosis and therapeutic value in tumors 

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Biopsy Medical specialties
Greater Clinical medicine
Histologic Oncology
Therapeutic Breast cancer
Tumors Melanoma
Sentinel lymph node
Lymph node biopsy
Nodular melanoma


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disease MESH biopsy
disease MESH melanoma
pathway KEGG Melanoma
disease MESH Cancer

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