64. Sibling Support and Physical Therapy, with Vanessa Lista

64. Sibling Support and Physical Therapy, with Vanessa Lista

Publication date: Jun 10, 2021

Discover what’s possible when relationships are strengthened by listening. Vanessa Lista’s autistic older brother, Billy, has been her inspiration her whole life. Currently studying kinesiology and psychology in college, Vanessa’s goal is to become a pediatric physical therapist. In this conversation, we discuss: How Vanessa’s relationship with her brother has evolved over the years Why she admires Billy How she’s been advocating for him from a young age Her experiences as a behavior therapist What physical therapy is and example goals that can be targeted Advice to other siblings of autistic individuals —-more—- Are you a sibling wanting to connect with others going through similar experiences? You can find a supportive network of family members, professionals, and self-advocates in our Global Autism Community. Whatever your role is related to autism, you can participate in these important conversations on our platform. Sign up today at community. globalautismproject. org. Let’s work together to transform how the world relates to autism. —-more—- We appreciate your time. If you enjoy this podcast and you’d like to support our mission, please take just a few seconds to share it with one person who you think will find value in it too. Follow us on Instagram: @autismpodcast Join our community on Mighty Networks: Global Autism Community Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Global Autism Project —-more—- We would love to hear your feedback about the show. Please fill out this short survey to let us know your thoughts: Listener Survey.

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