Toxocariasis in a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Toxocariasis in a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Publication date: Jan 02, 2021

A boy affected by autism spectrum disorder was admitted for persistent high fever, without shiver, for two weeks. The boy referred to abdominal pain, in the first week of fever, and to mild anorexia in the last days before admittance to our hospital centre. The father reported that the boy suffered by geophagia and coprophagia and he has been going to a didactical farm (where he has been exposed to several kinds of animals) to improve his neuropsychiatric condition. Blood analysis shows severe eosinophilia and high levels of total IgE, and abdominal echocardiography showed hepatic lesions. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and Western blot (WB) confirmed the suspicion of toxocariasis, linked to the habit of the boy to ingest ground or animal faeces in a didactic farm frequented by the boy. Treatment with albendazole and prednisone was administered with a rapid improvement of the symptoms and the laboratory findings and significant reduction of the hepatic lesion.

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Concepts Keywords
Autism Helminthiases
Didactical Zoonoses
Father Neglected tropical diseases
Geophagia Ascaridida
Hepatic Clinical medicine
Infectious diseases
Medical specialties
Toxocara canis


Type Source Name
disease MESH Toxocariasis
disease MESH Autism Spectrum Disorder
disease MESH anorexia
disease MESH geophagia
disease MESH coprophagia
disease MESH eosinophilia
disease MESH habit
drug DRUGBANK Albendazole
drug DRUGBANK Prednisone
disease MESH Autism
drug DRUGBANK Hexocyclium
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M
disease MESH Infectious Diseases
disease MESH ingestion
disease MESH ocular larva migrans
disease MESH syndromes
disease MESH Diagnosis
disease MESH hepatomegaly
disease MESH splenomegaly
disease MESH hypergammaglobulinemia
disease MESH blood diseases
drug DRUGBANK Dextrose unspecified form
disease MESH infection
disease MESH parasitic infection
disease MESH Visceral Larva migrans syndrome
disease MESH cognitive impairment
disease MESH asthma
pathway KEGG Asthma
disease MESH allergic rhinitis
disease MESH granulomas
disease MESH privacy
disease MESH risk factor
disease MESH allergy
disease MESH Cat Diseases
disease MESH Dog Diseases

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