Multidisciplinary management of primary melanoma

Multidisciplinary management of primary melanoma

Publication date: Jun 29, 2021

Melanoma has many mimics, making detection a challenge. However, early detection and appropriate management of melanoma is crucial to ensuring a patient has the best chance of survival. In this podcast, our multidisciplinary panel discuss:the clinical presentation of melanomatips to help make a clinical diagnosisunderstanding the histological features for diagnosishow to know when to biopsywhich biopsy is bestramifications of subtotal biopsieswho requires a sentinel node assessment and what does that involvewhat is involved in a wide local excision. In addition, the panel reviews a case study to put learnings into practice. This podcast is suitable for Dermatologists, Skin Cancer GPs, GPs, Surgeons, Nurses and other healthcare professionals. SPEAKERS:Dr Adrian Quek – Skin Cancer GP, Melanoma Institute Australia and The Chatswood Skin Cancer ClinicA/Prof Jonathan Stretch AM – Surgical Oncologist and Deputy Medical Director, Melanoma Institute AustraliaDr Bruna Gouveia – Dermatologist, Melanoma Institute AustraliaPlease note that this podcast was accurate at the time of recording (May 2021) but may not reflect the rapidly evolving treatment landscape and approvals in Australia.

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pathway KEGG Melanoma
disease MESH biopsy
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disease MESH carcinoma
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disease MESH uncertainty
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disease MESH recurrence
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disease MESH illusion
disease MESH growth
drug DRUGBANK Honey
disease MESH parity
disease MESH excision margins
disease MESH death
drug DRUGBANK Epinephrine

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