Potent Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Used Early Down Recurrences

Potent Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Used Early Down Recurrences

Publication date: Jul 02, 2021

More than half of these people eventually transition to secondary progressive MS, which is a slow, steady, worsening of the disease that may or may not include relapses. People in the high-efficacy group experienced an average of 0. 17 relapses per year compared 0. 27 relapses per year in the low-efficacy group. But when the goal is to limit disability progression in secondary progressive MS, both types of drugs show comparable effectiveness. “A limitation of the study was that participants were grouped by those taking high-efficacy or low-efficacy therapies. “When the goal is to alleviate ongoing relapse activity, more potent therapy is justified.

Concepts Keywords
Accounting Ocrelizumab
Australia Fingolimod
Neurologists Natalizumab
Sclerosis Cladribine
Autoimmune diseases
Monoclonal antibodies
Clinical medicine
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Multiple sclerosis


Type Source Name
disease MESH Multiple Sclerosis
disease MESH Recurrences
drug DRUGBANK Natalizumab
drug DRUGBANK Alemtuzumab
drug DRUGBANK Mitoxantrone
drug DRUGBANK Ocrelizumab
drug DRUGBANK Rituximab
drug DRUGBANK Cladribine
drug DRUGBANK Fingolimod
drug DRUGBANK Glatiramer
drug DRUGBANK Acetate ion
drug DRUGBANK Teriflunomide

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