Merck's Keytruda boosts recurrence-free survival in melanoma trial

Merck's Keytruda boosts recurrence-free survival in melanoma trial

Publication date: Aug 07, 2021

Last month, Merck reported that its Keytruda met the primary goal of overall survival in Phase III KEYNOTE-355 trial involving patients with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer. RFS was the trial’s primary goal while secondary goals included distant metastasis-free survival, overall survival, safety and quality of life. Interim analysis data showed that Keytruda monotherapy provided statistically significant and clinically meaningful RFS improvement versus placebo as adjuvant treatment. In KEYNOTE-716’s double-blind Part 1, subjects received an intravenous dose of Keytruda 200mg or placebo every three weeks for nearly one year. -This is an important milestone for patients, and we look forward to sharing these results with the medical community as soon as possible. ” The randomised, two-part Phase III KEYNOTE-716 trial enrolled a total of 954 subjects aged 12 years and above. The anti-PD-1 treatment boosts the immune system’s ability to find and fight tumour cells.

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disease MESH triple-negative breast cancer

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