Fractalkine signaling regulates oligodendroglial cell genesis from SVZ precursor cells.

Publication date: Aug 10, 2021

Neural and oligodendrocyte precursor cells (NPCs and OPCs) in the subventricular zone (SVZ) of the brain contribute to oligodendrogenesis throughout life, in part due to direct regulation by chemokines. The role of the chemokine fractalkine is well established in microglia; however, the effect of fractalkine on SVZ precursor cells is unknown. We show that murine SVZ NPCs and OPCs express the fractalkine receptor (CX3CR1) and bind fractalkine. Exogenous fractalkine directly enhances OPC and oligodendrocyte genesis from SVZ NPCs in vitro. Infusion of fractalkine into the lateral ventricle of adult NPC lineage-tracing mice leads to increased newborn OPC and oligodendrocyte formation in vivo. We also show that OPCs secrete fractalkine and that inhibition of endogenous fractalkine signaling reduces oligodendrocyte formation in vitro. Finally, we show that fractalkine signaling regulates oligodendrogenesis in cerebellar slices ex vivo. In summary, we demonstrate a novel role for fractalkine signaling in regulating oligodendrocyte genesis from postnatal CNS precursor cells.

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Cx3cr1 Branches of biology
Oligodendrogenesis Cytokines
Postnatal Developmental neuroscience
Unknown Cell biology
Ventricle Stem cells
Glial cells
Subventricular zone

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