An artificial intelligence approach for selecting effective teacher communication strategies in autism education.

An artificial intelligence approach for selecting effective teacher communication strategies in autism education.

Publication date: Sep 01, 2021

Effective inclusive education is key in promoting the long-term outcomes of children with autism spectrum conditions (ASC). However, no concrete consensus exists to guide teacher-student interactions in the classroom. In this work, we explore the potential of artificial intelligence as an approach in autism education to assist teachers in effective practice in developing social and educational outcomes for children with ASC. We form a protocol to systematically capture such interactions, and conduct a statistical analysis to uncover basic patterns in the collected observations, including the longer-term effect of specific teacher communication strategies on student response. In addition, we deploy machine learning techniques to predict student response given the form of communication used by teachers under specific classroom conditions and in relation to specified student attributes. Our analysis, drawn on a sample of 5460 coded interactions between teachers and seven students, sheds light on the varying effectiveness of different communication strategies and demonstrates the potential of this approach in making a contribution to autism education.

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Concepts Keywords
Autism Artificial intelligence
Concrete Autism therapies
Education Educational technology
Informatics Inclusion
Teachers Autism
Special education
Psychiatric diagnosis
Human activities
Form protocol


Type Source Name
disease MESH employment
disease MESH social interaction
drug DRUGBANK N-acetylsulfanilyl chloride
disease MESH autism
drug DRUGBANK Trestolone
disease MESH diagnosis
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M
disease MESH development
disease MESH separated
drug DRUGBANK Spinosad
drug DRUGBANK Aspartame
drug DRUGBANK Proline
disease MESH aids
disease MESH autism spectrum disorder
drug DRUGBANK Etodolac
disease MESH asperger syndrome
disease MESH disruptive behavior
drug DRUGBANK Guanosine
disease MESH influenza
disease MESH Infectious Diseases

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