Disparities in Opioid Overdose Deaths Continue to Worsen

Disparities in Opioid Overdose Deaths Continue to Worsen

Publication date: Oct 01, 2021

Numerous evidence-based prevention and treatment interventions exist for addressing the opioid overdose crisis: overdose education, naloxone distribution, medications for opioid use disorder, behavioral therapies and recovery support services. Systemic racism fuels the opioid crisis, just as it contributes mightily to other areas of health disparities and inequity, especially for Black people. Among non-Hispanic Black individuals, increases were highest in Kentucky (a 46 percent increase) and Ohio (a 45 percent increase). No significant increase was observed in Massachusetts.

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Health Opioids
Heroin Morphine
Hispanic Morphinans
Kentucky Drug culture
Worsenphoto Medical emergencies
Clinical medicine
Psychoactive drugs
Drug overdose
Opioid epidemic
Opioid overdose


Type Source Name
disease MESH death
disease MESH communities
drug DRUGBANK Diamorphine
drug DRUGBANK Fentanyl
disease MESH opioid use disorder
drug DRUGBANK Naloxone
disease MESH substance use

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