Framework Nucleic Acid Immune Adjuvant for Transdermal Delivery Based Chemo-immunotherapy for Malignant Melanoma Treatment.

Publication date: May 20, 2022

Despite the tremendous progresses of cancer immunotherapy, its current clinical responses rate in melanoma remains to be improved. Here, we have reported a skin penetrating tetrahedral framework nucleic acid immune adjuvant (FNAIA) to transdermally deliver chemotherapy drugs into melanoma to induce the immunogenic death of tumor cells and expose tumor antigens, which with assistance of CpG oligodeoxynucleotide incorporated in FNAIA could trigger systemic tumor-specific immune responses. Compared with free CpG, FNAIA could penetrate deeper into subcutaneous tumor tissues and more effectively stimulate dendritic cell maturation. Notably, doxorubicin-loaded FNAIA locally applied on the intact skin above the melanoma could effectively inhibit the growth of mouse B16F10 melanoma and increase tumor CD8 T cell infiltration. Moreover, combined with immune checkpoint inhibitor, the growth of distant tumors could also be effectively inhibited, suggesting that this strategy could induce systemic immune responses. Therefore, this work provides a new idea for non-invasive treatment of skin cancer.

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Chemotherapy Chemotherapy
Death Medical specialties
Immunogenic Adjuvants
Intact Immunology
Oligodeoxynucleotide Cancer immunotherapy
Tumor antigen vaccine
Immunologic adjuvant
Clinical medicine
Melanoma Treatment


Type Source Name
disease MESH skin cancer
disease MESH growth
drug DRUGBANK Doxorubicin
disease MESH death
pathway KEGG Melanoma
disease MESH cancer
disease MESH Malignant Melanoma

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