Restorative biodegradable two-layered hybrid microneedles for melanoma photothermal/chemo co-therapy and wound healing.

Publication date: May 19, 2022

Tumor killing and wound healing are two complementary and influential processes during the treatment of melanoma. Herein, a two-layered microneedle platform was developed with bifunctional effect of chemo-photothermal synergistic melanoma therapy and skin regeneration. The bifunctional platform composed of embeddable curcumin nanodrugs/new Indocyanine Green/hyaluronic acid (Cur NDs/IR820/HA) microneedles and sodium alginate/gelatin/hyaluronic acid (SA/Ge/HA) supporting backing layer was prepared through a two-step casting process. With uniform incorporation of curcumin nanodrugs and IR820, the microneedles exhibited excellent photothermal performance under external near-infrared (NIR) light stimulation and tumor co-therapy ability. Once the embeddable microneedles were inserted into skin, they would rapidly dissolve and activate drug release successfully for tumor treatment. Moreover, the SA/Ge/HA supporting backing layer was left behind to cover the wound and promote the proliferation of endothelial and fibroblasts cells for enhanced skin regeneration. The two-layered microneedles platform can simultaneously eliminate the tumor and accelerate wounding healing, which may be potentially employed as a competitive strategy for the treatment of melanoma.

Concepts Keywords
Gelatin Alginic acid
Killing Microneedle drug delivery
Nanobiotechnology Wound healing
Therapy Melanoma
Tumor Photothermal therapy
Hyaluronic acid
Branches of biology
Clinical medicine
Melanoma therapy


Type Source Name
pathway REACTOME Release
drug DRUGBANK Gelatin
drug DRUGBANK Hyaluronic acid
drug DRUGBANK Curcumin
disease MESH Tumor
pathway KEGG Melanoma
disease MESH melanoma

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