START: Safety and Anti-Tumor Activity of PeptiCRAd-1 in Treatment of Cancer

Publication date: Aug 08, 2022

This study is being conducted to explore the immunological mechanism of action of Peptide-coated Conditionally Replicating Adenovirus-1 (PeptiCRAd-1) plus Checkpoint inhibitor (CPI) therapy in multiple cancer types, as well as to obtain early information on the safety of this combination therapy.

Concepts Keywords


Type Source Name
disease MESH Tumor
disease MESH malignant melanoma
drug DRUGBANK L-Alanine
drug DRUGBANK Creatinine
drug DRUGBANK Prothrombin
drug DRUGBANK Pembrolizumab
drug DRUGBANK Chorionic Gonadotropin (Human)
drug DRUGBANK Prednisone
disease MESH fungal infection
disease MESH autoimmune disease
disease MESH Concomitant disease
disease MESH infection
disease MESH hepatitis B
pathway KEGG Hepatitis B
disease MESH hepatitis C
pathway KEGG Hepatitis C
disease MESH tuberculosis
pathway KEGG Tuberculosis
disease MESH metastases
disease MESH carcinomatous meningitis
disease MESH brain metastases
disease MESH hemorrhage
disease MESH hypersensitivity
disease MESH contraindication
disease MESH pneumonitis
disease MESH colitis
disease MESH pancreatitis
disease MESH Triple Negative Breast Neoplasms

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