An investigation into the use of smart home devices, user preferences, and impact during COVID-19.

Publication date: Jun 06, 2023

With the goal of designing smart environments that can support users’ physical/mental well-being, we studied users’ experiences and different factors that can influence success of smart home devices through an online study conducted during and after the COVID-19 restrictions in June 2021 (109 participants) and March 2022 (81 participants). We investigated what motivates users to buy smart home devices, and if smart home devices may have the potential to improve different aspects of users’ well-being. As COVID-19 emphasized a situation where people spent a significant amount of time at home in Canada, we also asked if/how COVID-19 motivated purchase of smart-home devices and how these devices affected participants during the pandemic. Our results provide insights into different aspects that may motivate the purchase of smart home devices and users’ concerns. The results also suggest that there may be correlations between the use of specific types of devices and psychological well-being.

Concepts Keywords
Buy COVID-19
Canada Mental well-being
Home Smart devices
June Smart home
Pandemic User concerns


Type Source Name
disease MESH COVID-19
drug DRUGBANK Spinosad
disease VO time
disease VO Canada

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