COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Event Detection Based on Multi-label Classification with Various Label Selection Strategies.

Publication date: Jul 07, 2023

Analyzing massive VAERS reports without medical context may lead to incorrect conclusions about vaccine adverse events (VAE). Facilitating VAE detection promotes continual safety improvement for new vaccines. This study proposes a multi-label classification method with various term-and topic-based label selection strategies to improve the accuracy and efficiency of VAE detection. Topic modeling methods are first used to generate rule-based label dependencies from Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities terms in VAE reports with two hyper-parameters. Multiple label selection strategies, namely one-vs-rest (OvsR), problem transformation (PT), algorithm adaption (AA), and deep learning (DL) methods, are used in multi-label classification to examine the model performance, respectively. Experimental results indicated that the topic-based PT methods improve the accuracy by up to 33. 69% using a COVID-19 VAE reporting data set, which improves the robustness and interpretability of our models. In addition, the topic-based OvsR methods achieve an optimal accuracy of up to 98. 88%. The accuracy of the AA methods with topic-based labels increased by up to 87. 36%. By contrast, the state-of-art LSTM- and BERT-based DL methods have relatively poor performance with accuracy rates of 71. 89% and 64. 63%, respectively. Our findings reveal that the proposed method effectively improves the model accuracy and strengthens VAE interpretability by using different label selection strategies and domain knowledge in multi-label classification for VAE detection.

Concepts Keywords
Dictionary Adverse
Ieee Based
Massive Classification
Models Covid
Vaccine Detection


Type Source Name
disease MESH COVID-19
disease VO vaccine adverse event
disease VO vaccine
disease VO efficiency
disease IDO algorithm
disease VO data set

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