Exploring park visitation trends during the Covid-19 pandemic in Hungary by using mobile device location data.

Publication date: Jul 08, 2023

Sweeping changes in park visitation have accompanied the Covid-19 pandemic. In countries where governments imposed strict lockdowns during the first wave, park visitation declined in cities. The benefits of visiting urban green spaces on people’s mental and physical health and well-being are generally acknowledged; many people in confinement during lockdowns reported increasing mental health issues. Therefore, based on lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic’s first wave, urban parks and other urban green spaces remained open in most countries in subsequent pandemic phases. Furthermore, many studies have reported an overall increase in park visitation after strict lockdowns imposed in the pandemic’s first wave have been removed. This study aims to investigate park visitation trends in Hungary based on a dataset of 28 million location data points from approximately 666,000 distinct mobile devices collected in 1884 urban parks and other urban green spaces in 191 settlements between June 1, 2019, and May 31, 2021. Findings demonstrate that park visitation increased in the inter-wave period of 2020, compared to the pre-pandemic period of 2019, and decreased in Waves 2-3 of 2021, compared to Wave 1 of 2020.

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disease MESH Covid-19 pandemic
disease VO device
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M
disease VO vaccination
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disease VO vaccinated
disease IDO process
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disease MESH death
disease IDO country
drug DRUGBANK Trestolone
disease MESH life styles
disease VO organization
drug DRUGBANK Piroxicam
disease MESH influenza
drug DRUGBANK Ranitidine
disease VO time
disease IDO host
disease IDO site
disease VO USA
disease VO Equity
disease MESH infections
drug DRUGBANK Diethylstilbestrol
disease VO effectiveness
disease VO Tat
pathway REACTOME Reproduction

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