Bluetooth-Based Healthcare Information and Medical Resource Management System.

Publication date: Jun 07, 2023

This paper presents a healthcare information and medical resource management platform utilizing wearable devices, physiological sensors, and an indoor positioning system (IPS). This platform provides medical healthcare information management based on the physiological information collected by wearable devices and Bluetooth data collectors. The Internet of Things (IoT) is constructed for this medical care purpose. The collected data are classified and used to monitor the status of patients in real time with a Secure MQTT mechanism. The measured physiological signals are also used for developing an IPS. When the patient is out of the safety zone, the IPS will send an alert message instantly by pushing the server to remind the caretaker, easing the caretaker’s burden and offering extra protection for the patient. The presented system also provides medical resource management with the help of IPS. The medical equipment and devices can be tracked by IPS to tackle some equipment rental problems, such as lost and found. A platform for the medical staff work coordination information exchange and transmission is also developed to expedite the maintenance of medical equipment, providing the shared medical information to healthcare and management staff in a timely and transparent manner. The presented system in this paper will finally reduce the loading of medical staff during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

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Concepts Keywords
Basel COVID-19
Bluetooth healthcare information
Healthcare Humans
Indoor indoor positioning
Pandemic Internet of Things
Internet of Things
medical resource management
physiological information
wearable devices
Wearable Electronic Devices


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