College students’ influence on COVID-19 vaccination uptake among seniors in China: a protocol of combined cross-sectional and experimental study.

Publication date: Jul 10, 2023

College students generally have good knowledge about COVID-19 and may facilitate COVID-19 vaccination in family. The purpose of this study is to understand college students’ willingness to persuade their grandparents to initiate COVID-19 vaccination and the effect of their persuasion. A combined cross-sectional and experimental study will be conducted online. In the cross-sectional study (Phase I), eligible participants are college students who are aged ≥ 16 years and have at least one living grandparent aged ≥ 60 years who has/have not completed the COVID-19 vaccination. Participants self-complete Questionnaire A to collect information on the socio-demographics of themselves and their grandparents, their knowledge about older adults’ COVID-19 vaccination, as well as Health Belief Model (HBM) and Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) predictor variables. The primary outcome at Phase I is college students’ willingness to persuade grandparents to receive COVID-19 vaccines. Those who are willing to persuade grandparents and participate in a follow-up survey will be invited to participate in a randomized controlled trial (Phase II). At Phase II, eligible participants are those who have at least one living grandparent aged ≥ 60 years who completed the COVID-19 initial vaccination series but has/have not received a booster dose. At the baseline, participants self-complete Questionnaire B to collect information on individual grandparents’ COVID-19 vaccination status, attitude towards and intention to COVID-19 booster dose. Participants will then be randomly allocated 1:1 to either intervention arm (one-week smartphone-based health education on older adults’ COVID-19 vaccination plus two weeks’ waiting period) or control arm (three weeks’ waiting period). At the end of week three, participants in both arms self-complete Questionnaire C to collect information on their grandparents’ COVID-19 vaccination status. The primary outcome at Phase II is the uptake rate of COVID-19 booster dose among grandparents. Secondary outcomes include grandparents’ attitude and intention to get a COVID-19 booster dose. No previous study had measured the effect of college students’ persuasion on COVID-19 vaccination uptake in older adults. Findings from this study will provide evidence for innovative and potentially feasible interventions that further promote COVID-19 vaccination in older adults. Chinese Clinical Trial Registry: ChiCTR2200063240. Registered 2 September 2022.

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Chictr2200063240 China
China College students
Grandparent COVID-19
Smartphone Older adults
Vaccination Vaccination


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disease MESH COVID-19
disease VO vaccination
disease VO protocol
disease VO dose
disease IDO intervention
pathway REACTOME Reproduction
drug DRUGBANK Guanosine
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M
disease MESH infections
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disease MESH complications
disease IDO infection
disease MESH death
drug DRUGBANK Stavudine
disease VO effective
disease VO vaccinated
disease IDO quality
drug DRUGBANK Trestolone
disease VO monthly
disease IDO susceptibility
disease IDO history
disease VO frequency
disease MESH diabetes mellitus
disease MESH tumor
disease MESH respiratory diseases
disease MESH liver cirrhosis
disease MESH renal failure
disease MESH nervous system diseases
drug DRUGBANK Ranitidine
disease VO USA
drug DRUGBANK Esomeprazole
disease VO vaccine
disease VO effectiveness
disease MESH contraindications
disease VO vaccine effectiveness
disease VO time
drug DRUGBANK L-Valine
disease MESH chronic diseases
drug DRUGBANK Ilex paraguariensis leaf
disease VO efficient
disease IDO process
disease VO organization
drug DRUGBANK Hydroxyethyl Starch
drug DRUGBANK (S)-Des-Me-Ampa
disease MESH Emergency
drug DRUGBANK Troleandomycin
disease MESH Melas

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