Melanoma Research Alliance’s RARE Registry for Acral & Mucosal Melanoma Surpasses Industry-Leading 100-Patient Milestone

Publication date: Jul 11, 2023

What’s more, people of color are also disproportionately affected by acral melanoma, largely due to the misconception that melanoma only impacts people with lighter skin and lighter colored eyes. “We started the RARE Registry to bridge this divide and address the unmet needs of the rare melanoma community, from patients and caregivers to leading researchers and physicians. Founded in 2007 by Debra and Leon Black, MRA’s mission is to end suffering and death due to melanoma by advancing the world’s most promising science and research. The lack of awareness around rare melanomas compounded with misconceptions about the risks of melanoma makes the registry even more vital for these underrepresented populations. MRA provides critical funding for melanoma cancer research that propels advances in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, metastasis, and survivorship. MRA-funded researchers have been behind every major melanoma research breakthrough. For more information, please visit: www. CureMelanoma. org. Media Contacts:KWT Globalmra@kwtglobal. comCody R. Barnett, MRA Senior Director of Communicationscbarnett@curemelanoma. orgCisionView original content:https://www. prnewswire. com/news-releases/melanoma-research-alliances-rare-registry-for-acral–mucosal-melanoma-surpasses-industry-leading-100-patient-milestone-301872232. htmlSOURCE Melanoma Research Alliance

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drug DRUGBANK Tropicamide
disease MESH tumor
disease MESH lifestyle
drug DRUGBANK Nonoxynol-9
pathway KEGG Melanoma
disease MESH Melanoma
disease MESH death
disease MESH metastasis
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M

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