The efficacy of telephone-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy in people with chronic illnesses and mental diseases: A meta-analysis.

Publication date: Jul 10, 2023

COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase of remote treatments, such as telephone-delivery cognitive behavioral therapy (T-CBT). To our knowledge, no meta-analyses studied the effect of T-CBT in chronic and/or mental illnesses on multiple psychological outcomes. Therefore, our study aims to evaluating the efficacy of T-CBT compared to other interventions (treatment as usual, TAU, or face-to-face CBT). Each effect size (ES) was calculated in Hedges’ g and pooled together to produce a mean ES for each outcome (depression, anxiety, mental and physical QoL, worry, coping, and sleep disturbances). The meta-analysis included 33 studies with a randomized controlled trial design. A large ES was found when comparing the efficacy of T-CBT against TAU on depression (g = 0. 84, p 

Concepts Keywords
Large cognitive behavioral therapy
Pandemic efficacy
Sleep meta-analysis


Type Source Name
disease MESH chronic illnesses
disease MESH COVID-19 pandemic
disease MESH mental illnesses

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