Can adipokines predict clinical prognosis and post-COVID lung sequelae?

Publication date: Jul 09, 2023

Adipokines play an important role in the regulation of inflammatory responses toward infections, including COVID-19. This study aimed to investigate the role of chemerin, adiponectin, and leptin in prognosis and post-COVID lung sequelae in hospitalized patients with COVID-19. Serum levels of the three adipokines were measured upon admission of polymerase chain reaction-confirmed patients with COVID-19 who were followed up for 6 months for the clinical outcome and lung sequelae formation. A total of 77 patients were included in the study. Of the 77 patients, 58. 4% were males, and the median age was 63. 2 +/- 18. 3 years. Fifty-one patients (66. 2%) had a good prognosis. Among adipokines, only chemerin was significantly lower in the bad prognosis group (P

Concepts Keywords
Adiponectin Adipokine
Inflammatory Biomarker
Males COVID-19
Polymerase Lung


Type Source Name
disease MESH sequelae
disease MESH infections
disease MESH COVID-19
drug DRUGBANK Leptin

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