Spontaneous tension pneumomediastinum with pneumothorax and subcutaneous emphysema as a complication of COVID-19 disease.

Publication date: Jul 01, 2023

Recently spontaneous tension pneumomediastinum (STM), were reported as infrequent complications in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients but pneumothorax (PT), and subcutaneous emphysema (SE) are more frequently seen in COVID-19 patients. PT and SE may present after PTM in COVID-19. The aim of this presentation is to show the complications of STM in an Iranian patients with COVID-19 disease with PT and SE, who were hospitalized in Arya hospital, Rasht, Iran. For 3 months, we followed these patients and their condition was good. STM are uncommon complications in COVID-19 patients and were reported frequently in male patients. Early diagnosis and treatment could save the patients as these complications are related to poor prognosis and prolonged hospitalization. Patients with mild COVID-19 and mild pulmonary damage may have a favorable outcome.

Concepts Keywords
Coronavirus COVID‐19
Hospitalization pneumothorax
Iranian spontaneous tension pneumomediastinum
Months subcutaneous emphysema


Type Source Name
disease MESH pneumomediastinum
disease MESH pneumothorax
disease MESH subcutaneous emphysema
disease MESH COVID-19
disease MESH complications

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