Effect of Balloon-Blowing Exercise on Oxygen Saturation in COVID-19 Patients.

Publication date: Jun 01, 2023

Background Balloon therapy is an empirical example that patients with respiratory tract diseases can use to improve their daily care. The diaphragm and ribs are expanded and raised by the intercostal muscles, which are activated during the balloon-blowing exercise. This makes it possible for the lungs to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the impact of balloon-blowing exercise on blood oxygen saturation in stable, non-intubated COVID-19 patients. Methodology Considering the guidelines approved by the Ministry of Health and the Government of India, 250 COVID-19 patients with an age group between 20 and 80 years based on the inclusion criteria were taken. After the collection of baseline data consisting of oxygen saturation (SpO2) measured with a portable pulse oximeter, the balloon-blowing exercise with conventional physiotherapy was given for 30 minutes, and clinical data of SpO2 were re-collected. Results The pre- and post-results of balloon blowing exercise, along with conventional physiotherapy in 250 patients, were assessed by measuring SpO2. The results demonstrated that the balloon exercise was found to be effective, as oxygen saturation improved after the application of the balloon exercise. Analysis revealed that pre- and post-values involving 95. 685+/-1. 645 and 98. 123+/-1. 445, respectively, differed significantly. The results demonstrated that the application of balloon exercise to COVID-19 patients led to a considerable improvement in SpO2. Conclusion The difference between the pre- and post-values of SpO2 was found to be significant, which suggests that balloon exercise is a low-cost physiotherapy strategy that can be utilized to enhance oxygen saturation in COVID-19 patients. This demonstrates that the need for ICU treatment can be lessened, and consequently, the burden on healthcare facilities can be reduced.

Concepts Keywords
Balloontherapy balloon exercises
Covid coronavirus
Healthcare covid-19
Ribs sars-cov-2


Type Source Name
drug DRUGBANK Oxygen
disease MESH COVID-19
disease MESH respiratory tract diseases
drug DRUGBANK Carbon dioxide
disease IDO blood
disease VO effective

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