Twelve tips for creating a multicultural mindfulness-based intervention in diverse healthcare settings.

Publication date: Jul 14, 2023

High levels of stress and burnout, low help-seeking behaviour and unhealthy coping in healthcare professionals (HCPs), are a critical concern globally. Mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) reduce stress, are a healthy coping mechanism and have become increasingly popular among HCPs, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, HCPs’ busy schedules require the intervention to be accessible, pragmatic, and context specific. Key to this goal is approaching mindfulness from a multicultural perspective, especially in diverse settings such as Africa. This paper aims to provide practical tips to ensure that the MBI offered is effective with multicultural HCPs during intense stress. Four tips each discuss the curriculum, implementation, and sustainability, respectively. The tips are elucidated by practical examples of regulating stress in healthcare settings and to offer a guideline to help structure future MBIs to be culturally and context appropriate.

Concepts Keywords
Africa coping mechanism
Covid healthcare professionals
Sustainability meditation
Therapy Mindfulness
Unhealthy multicultural
stress relief


Type Source Name
disease IDO intervention
disease MESH burnout
disease MESH Covid-19 pandemic
disease VO effective

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