Why Has There Been a Rise in Autism and ADHD Diagnoses?

Why Has There Been a Rise in Autism and ADHD Diagnoses?

Publication date: Jul 15, 2023

By embracing neurodiversity and celebrating the unique strengths and talents of neurodivergent individuals, we create a more inclusive and compassionate society that values the diversity of human minds. More knowledge about neurodiversity and the needs of neurodivergent individuals means that society can better accommodate them and increase their ability to participate. 4. Increased Awareness and Improved Diagnostic PracticesOne of the key factors contributing to the rise in Autism and ADHD diagnoses is increased awareness and improved diagnostic practices. By challenging stereotypes and promoting inclusivity, we create an environment that values the unique perspectives and abilities of neurodivergent individuals. Providing these necessary supports and accommodations empowers neurodivergent individuals to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. Research advances enhance our knowledge and pave the way for more effective supports and accommodations tailored to neurodivergent people. As more individuals receive accurate diagnoses, they are empowered to share their experiences, advocate for their needs, and contribute to public discussions.

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Autism Accommodations
Celebrating Adhd
Healthcare Autism
Instagram Awareness
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Type Source Name
disease MESH intellectual disability
disease MESH Aspergers Disorder
disease MESH Mental Disorders
drug DRUGBANK Tropicamide
disease MESH Autism
disease MESH ADHD

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