Influence of Clinical and Sociodemographic Variables on Health-Related Quality of Life in the Adult Population with Long COVID.

Publication date: Jun 22, 2023

Worldwide, about 10 percent of patients affected by long COVID require appropriate follow-up and intervention. The main objective of this study was to analyze the long-term impact of mild long COVID in the adult population, and to determine the effect of clinical and sociodemographic variables on health-related quality of life in those affected. Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study of a sample of Spanish adult patients with persistent COVID-19 symptoms at least three months after diagnosis. Data collection took place between April and July 2021. The health-related quality of life of the sample was low, with worse results in the physical component summary (PCS) 24. 66 (SD = 4. 45) compared to the mental component summary (MCS) 45. 95 (SD = 8. 65). The multi-regression analysis showed significant differences by sex in the dimensions of physical functioning (p = 0. 040); bodily pain (p = 0. 036); and health transition (p = 0. 018). Additionally, a longer time since infection had a significant effect on physical functioning (p = 0. 039); general health (p = 0. 037); vitality (p = 0. 034); and general health transition (p = 0. 002). The effect of occupational imbalance was significant for all dimensions. Conclusions: people with long COVID have a reduced quality of life. Sex, time since infection, and occupational imbalance are predictors of a worse quality of life.

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April long COVID
Covid long haulers
Health persistent symptoms
July quality of life


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