Perceptions of and Practical Experience with the National Surveillance Centre in Managing Medicines Availability Amongst Users within Public Healthcare Facilities in South Africa: Findings and Implications.

Publication date: Jun 24, 2023

The introduction of the National Surveillance Centre (NSC) has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of managing medicines availability within the public healthcare system in South Africa. However, at present, there is limited data regarding the perceptions among users of the NSC and challenges that need addressing. A descriptive quantitative study was performed among all registered active NSC users between August and November 2022. Overall, 114/169 users responded to a custom-developed, self-administered questionnaire (67. 5% response rate). Most respondents used the Stock Visibility System (SVS) National Department of Health (NDoH) (66. 7% for medicines and 51. 8% for personal protective equipment (PPE) or SVS COVID-19 (64. 9% for COVID-19 vaccines) or RxSolution (57. 0% manual report or 42. 1% application programming interface (API)) for reporting medicines, PPE, and COVID-19 vaccines to the NSC and were confident in the accuracy of the reported data. Most respondents focused on both medicines availability and reporting compliance when accessing the NSC, with the integrated medicines availability dashboard and the COVID-19 vaccine dashboard being the most popular. The respondents believed the NSC allowed ease of access to data and improved data quality to better monitor medicines availability and use. Identified areas for improvement included improving internet connectivity, retraining some users, standardising the dashboards, adding more data points and reports, and expanding user adoption by increasing licence limits. Overall, this study found that the NSC in South Africa provides an effective solution for monitoring and improving medicines availability.

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Concepts Keywords
Africa health systems strengthening
August medicine value chain
Healthcare medicines availability
November National Surveillance Centre
Surveillance public healthcare sector
South Africa
Stock Visibility System


Type Source Name
disease VO efficiency
disease VO effectiveness
disease MESH COVID-19
disease VO report
drug DRUGBANK Alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor
disease VO COVID-19 vaccine
disease IDO quality
drug DRUGBANK Tropicamide
disease VO effective
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M
disease VO vaccination
disease VO vaccine
disease MESH non infectious diseases
disease IDO country
disease VO organization
disease IDO facility
drug DRUGBANK Etoperidone
disease MESH infectious diseases
disease IDO antibiotic resistance
disease MESH morbidity
disease VO Gap
disease VO population
disease MESH Emergency
disease IDO process
drug DRUGBANK Tenofovir
drug DRUGBANK Emtricitabine
drug DRUGBANK Efavirenz
drug DRUGBANK Lamivudine
drug DRUGBANK Dolutegravir
drug DRUGBANK Trestolone
disease VO monthly
disease VO vaccinated
drug DRUGBANK Isosorbide Mononitrate
disease VO time
disease MESH anomalies
disease VO frequency
disease VO protocol
drug DRUGBANK Aspartame
disease IDO healthcare facility
drug DRUGBANK Methyldopa
disease MESH ARC
drug DRUGBANK 3 7 11 15-Tetramethyl-Hexadecan-1-Ol
disease MESH cancer
disease VO immunization
disease VO Bacteria
disease MESH infection
disease MESH stroke
drug DRUGBANK Abacavir
disease MESH tuberculosis
pathway KEGG Tuberculosis
disease VO NAP

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