Targeting galectin-3 in inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.

Publication date: Aug 01, 2023

Galectin (Gal)-3 is a β-galactoside-binding lectin emerging as a key player in cardiac, hepatic, renal, and pulmonary fibrosis and inflammation, respiratory infections caused by COVID-19, and neuroinflammatory disorders. Here, we review recent information highlighting Gal-3 as a relevant therapeutic target in these specific disease conditions. While a causal link was difficult to establish until now, we discuss how recent strategic breakthroughs allowed us to identify new-generation Gal-3 inhibitors with improved potency, selectivity, and bioavailability, and report their usefulness as valuable tools for proof-of-concept studies in various preclinical models of the aforementioned diseases, with emphasis on those actually in clinical stages. We also address critical views and suggestions intended to expand the therapeutic opportunities provided by this complex target.

Concepts Keywords
Bioavailability drug
Gal fibrosis
Hepatic galectin-3
Inhibitors inflammation
New target


Type Source Name
disease MESH pulmonary fibrosis
disease MESH inflammation
disease MESH respiratory infections
disease MESH COVID-19
disease MESH neuroinflammatory disorders
disease VO report
disease MESH fibrosis

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