A new device can detect the coronavirus in the air in minutes

A new device can detect the coronavirus in the air in minutes

Publication date: Jul 17, 2023

Commercial versions may initially be too expensive for home use, Marr says, but could be used in hospitals, airports and other public areas to survey for the virus. Electricity passing through the nanobody and spike protein causes tyrosine amino acids in the spike protein to oxidize, or lose electrons. Any viruses not captured in the liquid get filtered out of the air with a HEPA filter attached to the device. The device was detecting even the trace amounts of virus being shed by the patients, Chakrabarty says. Shubham SharmaOne of the main challenges when sampling airborne viruses is collecting enough air to concentrate viral particles at detectable levels. That is about as sensitive as PCR nasal swab tests, says Rajan Chakrabarty, an aerosol scientist at Washington University in St. Louis. The nanobody grabs any passing coronavirus by its spike protein.

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