Adapted Physical Activity Can Increase Life Appreciation in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

Publication date: Jul 16, 2023

Objectives:This study aimed to measure the effect of a treatment of adapted physical activity (APA) on motor symptoms and on positive psychological resources in a group of patients with PD. Methods: 37 patients with PD (M= 71. 5; 70. 3% male) completed measures of disability level, motor performance, distress, well-being, and quality of life before and after participating in a program of APA (duration: 7 months). Analysis of variance – repeated measures was performed to evaluate the effect of APA on disability, distress, and well-being. Results: After intervention, patients reported significant improvements in their motor autonomy, disability level, psychological distress, and in life appreciation. Discussion: A brief physical activity program was beneficial not only to patients’ motor functioning, but also to their mental health, by reducing distress and promoting life appreciation.

Concepts Keywords
Disease disability
Health life appreciation
Increase Parkinson
Parkinson physical activity
Therapy well-being


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disease MESH psychological distress

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