Association of fecal short-chain fatty acids with clinical severity and gut microbiota in essential tremor and its difference from Parkinson’s disease.

Publication date: Jul 17, 2023

Diagnosis of essential tremor (ET) at an early stage can be difficult, especially when distinguishing it from healthy controls (HCs) and Parkinson’s disease (PD). Recently, stool sample analysis of gut microbiota and its metabolites provides new ways to detect novel biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases. Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), as the main metabolites of gut microbiota, were reduced in the feces of PD. However, fecal SCFAs in ET have never been investigated. We aimed to investigate the fecal SCFA levels in ET, assess their relationships with clinical symptoms and gut microbiota, and identify their potential diagnostic abilities. Fecal SCFAs and gut microbiota in 37 ET, 37 de novo PD and 35 HC were measured. Constipation, autonomic dysfunction and tremor severity were evaluated by scales. ET had lower fecal propionic, butyric and isobutyric acid levels than HC. Combined propionic, butyric and isobutyric acid distinguished ET from HC with an AUC of 0. 751 (95% CI: 0. 634-0. 867). ET had lower fecal isovaleric and isobutyric acid levels than PD. Isovaleric and isobutyric acid differentiated ET from PD with an AUC of 0. 743 (95% CI: 0. 629-0. 857). Fecal propionic acid was negatively correlated with constipation and autonomic dysfunction. Isobutyric and isovaleric acid were negatively associated with tremor severity. Lowered fecal SCFAs were related to a decreased abundance of Faecalibacterium and Catenibacterium in ET. In conclusion, fecal SCFAs were decreased in ET and correlated with clinical severity and gut microbiota changes. Fecal propionic, butyric, isobutyric and isovaleric acid might be potential diagnostic and differential diagnostic biomarkers for ET.

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Concepts Keywords
Biomarkers Acid
Catenibacterium Butyric
Essential Clinical
Neurodegenerative Diagnostic
Parkinsons Et


Type Source Name
pathway REACTOME Fatty acids
disease MESH essential tremor
disease MESH neurodegenerative diseases
drug DRUGBANK Isobutyric Acid
drug DRUGBANK Propanoic acid
drug DRUGBANK Isovaleric Acid
disease MESH irritable bowel syndrome
disease MESH dysbiosis
pathway KEGG Tight junction
drug DRUGBANK Acetic acid
drug DRUGBANK Butyric Acid
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M
drug DRUGBANK Ethanol
drug DRUGBANK Saquinavir

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