In vitro bioevaluation and docking study of dihydrosphingosine and ethambutol analogues against sensitive and multi-drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Publication date: Oct 05, 2023

Tuberculosis remains a major public health problem and one of the top ten causes of death worldwide. The alarming increase in multidrug-resistant and extensively resistant variants (MDR, pre-XDR, and XDR) makes the disease more difficult to treat and control. New drugs that act against MDR/XDR strains are needed for programs to contain this major epidemic. The present study aimed to evaluate new compounds related to dihydro-sphingosine and ethambutol against sensitive and pre-XDR Mycobacterium strains, as well as to characterize the pharmacological activity through in vitro and in silico approaches in mmpL3 protein. Of the 48 compounds analyzed, 11 demonstrated good to moderate activity on sensitive and MDR Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), with a Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) ranging from 1. 5 to 8 μM. They presented 2 to 14 times greater potency of activity when compared to ethambutol in pre-XDR strain, and demonstrated a selectivity index varying between 2. 21 and 82. 17. The substance 12b when combined with rifampicin, showed a synergistic effect (FICI = 0. 5) on sensitive and MDR Mtb. It has also been shown to have a concentration-dependent intracellular bactericidal effect, and a time-dependent bactericidal effect in M. smegmatis and pre-XDR M. tuberculosis. The binding mode of the compounds in its cavity was identified through molecular docking and using a predicted structural model of mmpL3. Finally, we observed by transmission electron microscopy the induction of damage to the cell wall integrity of M. tuberculosis treated with the substance 12b. With these findings, we demonstrate the potential of a 2-aminoalkanol derivative to be a prototype substance and candidate for further optimization of molecular structure and anti-tubercular activity in preclinical studies.

Concepts Keywords
Drugs Antitubercular drugs
Extensively Dihydrosphingosine analogues
Microscopy Ethambutol
Mycobacterium Multidrug resistance
Tuberculosis Mycobacterium tuberculosis


Type Source Name
drug DRUGBANK Ethambutol
disease MESH Tuberculosis
pathway KEGG Tuberculosis
drug DRUGBANK Pentaerythritol tetranitrate
disease MESH causes of death
drug DRUGBANK Sphingosine
drug DRUGBANK Methyl isocyanate
drug DRUGBANK Rifampicin

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