Surgical treatment of tracheal stenosis during Covid-19 era: a single-center experience and lessons learnt on the field.

Publication date: Jul 17, 2023

SARS-CoV2 outbreak led to several healthcare system challenges, especially concerning respiratory support to Covid-19 patients. In the first 2 years of pandemic (2020-2021), we assisted to a marked increase of post-invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV) tracheal stenosis incidence, many of them requiring surgical treatment, namely resection and primary end-to-end anastomosis. Our aim is to describe our experience during the abovementioned biennium, focusing on postoperative outcomes of patients who have had Covid-19 (“post-Covid”). We retrospectively collected pre-, intra- and postoperative data on all patients who underwent tracheal surgery for benign stenosis in our Unit from May 2020 to October 2021, including previous Covid-19. Comparison between “post-Covid-19” and “non-Covid-19” groups’ outcomes was then performed. Patients were 9 males and 6 females, and mean age was 57. 4 +/- 13. 21 years. Nine patients had previous Covid-19 (60%). All patients underwent multidisciplinary preoperative evaluation. Almost every operation was conducted by cervicotomy, and the mean length of the resected specimen was 23. 9 +/- 6. 5 mm. Postoperative complications were: dysphonia (3 cases), wound infection (1), bleeding (1), ab-ingestis pneumonia (1), anastomosis dehiscence (2), and stenosis recurrence (1). Thirty-day mortality rate was 6. 7% (1 patient). No significant differences between “post-Covid-19” and “non-Covid-19” groups were identified. Pathology revealed, in 5 “post-Covid-19” patients, signs of vasculitis or perivascular inflammatory infiltrate. Tracheal stenosis’ surgical treatment has always been known as a challenging procedure because of high perioperative morbidity and mortality rates. Our experience shows that previous Covid-19 and ongoing pandemic did not significantly affect perioperative outcomes of patients who underwent tracheal resection and primary end-to-end anastomosis in a high-volume Center and after multidisciplinary workup.

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5mm Covid-19
Pneumonia SARS-CoV2 pandemic
Surgery Tracheal stenosis
Tracheal surgery


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disease MESH tracheal stenosis
disease MESH Covid-19
disease MESH stenosis
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disease MESH dysphonia
disease MESH wound infection
disease MESH bleeding
disease MESH pneumonia
disease MESH vasculitis
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