Using off-the shelf solutions as assistive technology to support the self-management of academic tasks for autistic university students.

Publication date: Jul 17, 2023

Having the skills to self-manage the demands of academic life in third level education is critical to the successful completion of courses taken there. Independent study behavior is an aspect of university life that pervades all topics but one that requires the self-management of time in relation to study goals. Individuals with additional educational needs, such as autism, often have difficulty self-managing independent study. This may result in students failing to meet the standards required for successful course completion. The current study (n = 2) used a range bound changing criterion design to evaluate the effects of a behavioral intervention that included assistive technology in the form of a smartphone and wearable smartwatch. The intervention aimed to increase duration of independent study behavior among university students with autism. The intervention combined self-management (goal setting, self-monitoring, self-recording) together with assistive tech. to prompt engagement in, and recording of, independent study behavior. Findings showed the intervention to be effective at increasing independent study duration for autistic adults attending third level education.

Concepts Keywords
Academic ASD
Autism higher education
Autistic intervention
Increase Self-management
Smartphone smart device


Type Source Name
disease MESH autism

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