A Zebra Diagnosis: A Case of Spontaneous Hematomyelia Associated With COVID-19.

Publication date: Jun 01, 2023

Spontaneous non-traumatic spinal hematomyelia, characterized by intramedullary spinal hematoma, is a rare neurological emergency. Bleeding arteriovenous malformation, coagulopathies, and neoplasms are reported causes of this rare diagnosis. The authors present a case of a previously healthy man who presented with acute paraplegia and was found to have a spontaneous hematomyelia in association with covid infection. He underwent laminectomy and hematoma evacuation but did not recover any neurological function.

Concepts Keywords
Covid covid-19
Hematoma laminectomy
Neurological paralysis
Spontaneous spinal hemorrhage
Zebra spontaneous spinal hematomyelia


Type Source Name
disease MESH Hematomyelia
disease MESH COVID-19
disease MESH hematoma
disease MESH emergency
disease MESH Bleeding
disease MESH arteriovenous malformation
disease MESH neoplasms
disease MESH causes
disease MESH paraplegia
disease MESH infection

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