Let’s talk about COVID-19 vaccination: Relevance of conversations about COVID-19 vaccination and information sources on vaccination intention in Switzerland.

Publication date: Jul 05, 2023

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy is known to be more pronounced among young people. However, there are a lack of studies examining determinants of COVID-19 vaccination intention in the general population in this young age-group in Switzerland, and in particular, studies investigating the influence of information sources and social networks on vaccination intention are missing. The cross-sectional study “COVIDisc – Discussion with young people about the corona pandemic” provided the opportunity to investigate COVID-19 vaccination intention in 893 individuals aged 15-34 years from the cantons of Zurich, Thurgau, and Ticino in Switzerland. An online survey was administered between 10 November 2020 and 5 January 2021. Associations of public information sources and conversations about COVID-19 with COVID-19 vaccination intention were analyzed with multivariable logistic regression and mediation analysis using generalized structural equation modeling. 51. 5% of the participants intended or probably intended to get vaccinated once the vaccine would be available. Using print or online news (AOR 1. 50, 95% CI 1. 09-2. 07) as an information source and having conversations about the COVID-19 vaccine (AOR 2. 09, 95% CI 1. 52-2. 87) increased participants’ COVID-19 vaccination intention. The effects of female gender (b = -0. 267, p = 0. 039) and risk perception (b = 0. 163, p = 0. 028) were partially mediated by having conversations about the COVID-19 vaccine. The effects of age (b = -0. 036, p = 0. 016), secondary educational level (b = 0. 541, p = 0. 010) and tertiary educational level (b = 0. 726, p = 0. 006) were fully mediated via having conversations about the COVID-19 vaccine. Conversations and campaigns should start even before vaccines become available. Our data support interventions for young women and less educated people using social norms and supporting information seeking with news. Trust and risk perceptions are essential foundations for vaccine intentions.

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