[Surgical removal of an atypically large extensive radicular cyst in the mandible: a case report.].

Publication date: Dec 04, 2023

The radicular cyst is the most common odontogenic cyst and is caused by inflammation. It can become atypically large, although the size of the radiographic osteolysis says nothing about the entity of the lesion. This case shows an unusually large multilocular radicular cyst expanding buccally from tooth 46 in a patient with severe autism who can only be treated under general anesthesia. The clinical and radiological picture as well as the intraoperative situation was more indicative of an aggressive cyst or benign tumor. The lesion was surgically completely removed and the teeth 46, 47 and 48 were extracted because of poor compliance and prognosis. Histopathology revealed a radicular cyst. There were no postoperative complications. After eight months, the lesions had almost completely reossified.

Concepts Keywords
Extensive Odontogene Zyste
Months Osteolyse
Postoperative Periapikale Radioluzenz
Swiss Radikuläre Zyste
Tumor Zystektomie


Type Source Name
disease MESH radicular cyst
disease MESH odontogenic cyst
disease MESH inflammation
disease MESH osteolysis
disease MESH autism
disease MESH cyst
disease MESH tumor
disease MESH postoperative complications

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