A scoping review of active, participant centred, digital adverse events following immunization (AEFI) surveillance of WHO approved COVID-19 vaccines: A Canadian immunization Research Network study.

Publication date: Dec 31, 2024

This scoping review examines the role of digital solutions in active, participant-centered surveillance of adverse events following initial release of COVID-19 vaccines. The goals of this paper were to examine the existing literature surrounding digital solutions and technology used for active, participant centered, AEFI surveillance of novel COVID-19 vaccines approved by WHO. This paper also aimed to identify gaps in literature surrounding digital, active, participant centered AEFI surveillance systems and to identify and describe the core components of active, participant centered, digital surveillance systems being used for post-market AEFI surveillance of WHO approved COVID-19 vaccines, with a focus on the digital solutions and technology being used, the type of AEFI detected, and the populations under surveillance. The findings highlight the need for customized surveillance systems based on local contexts and the lessons learned to improve future vaccine monitoring and pandemic preparedness.

Concepts Keywords
Canadian active surveillance
Covid COVID-19 vaccine
Future participant reporting
Surveillance pharmacovigilance
Vaccine post-marketing surveillance
vaccine safety surveillance


Type Source Name
disease VO immunization
disease MESH COVID-19
pathway REACTOME Release
disease VO vaccine
disease VO COVID-19 vaccine

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